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Remember when we used to have sex?

and the saved

you have a nice living room

tags: #this blog was an instant follow for me# oh gosh #collete is light and warmth and love and sunshine #and lloyd just loves her sooooo #loves everything about her: her smile her strength her kindness #the way she wants to cheer people up even when she’s suffering #COLETTE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN ANGEL TO HIM #SHE DIDN’T NEED ANY WINGS TO LIFT HER UP IN HIS HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your tags are a thing of beauty and I am ridiculously happy someone got what this one meant!! :D

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and on Tuesdays I’ll be straight, and Thursdays I’ll be gay.

I’ll make you proud, Dad!

you have a beautiful smile

no, honey, you look fine

you have a nice living room

hey guys, i’m so so extremely sorry that this blog has been so inactive since the holidays.

i’m still here, but i’ve been really busy with work and family, and i have midterm exams coming up as well.

i’ll try to update more often, but until i can get some more spare time, definitely feel free to submit your own asoftersymphonia comics!

thank you, all of you, for your support of the blog this far! :)